Key LINK Benefits


Know position, safety and utilization metrics, for your assets and employees.


Interpret vehicle data to find meaningful insights.


Make informed decisions to improve safety, efficiency and reduce cost.

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Key LINK Features

Driving Key Metrics NEW

Receive updates on seatbelt usage, excessive idling, harsh braking and acceleration

Real-time GPS Map Position

See your fleet as well as each individual vehicle on a map

Asset Utilization

Find out if your fleet is being effectively utilized

Vehicle Key Metrics

Know the vital metrics for your vehicles: oil life, odometer, tire pressure, fuel level

Driver Behaviour Reporting NEW

Report on driver behaviour - seatbelt usage, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and excessive idling2

Remote Vehicle Immobilization

Prevent vehicle theft by immobilizing your vehicle from anywhere at any time1

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Know the current tire pressure of your vehicles

Remote Key Fob

Lock, unlock and start your vehicle from anywhere at any time without physical access to it1

Driver Metrics

Understand how your drivers use the fleet and gain insight into potential efficiencies

Vehicle Trip History

See a detailed record of vehicle trips: fuel consumed, kilometres driven, start and end time, and more

Fleet-wide Indicators

Understand your key indicators that provide a high level view of fleet metrics

Idle Time Monitoring

Identify vehicles with excessive idle time

Fuel Usage Monitoring

Understand fuel usage patterns of your vehicles

Vehicle Record Customization

Give unique names and upload vehicle pictures for easy management

Safety Scorecards NEW

Improve driver safety using LINK’s driving score2

Fleet and Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Stats

Know how efficient your vehicles are

Carbon Emission Monitoring

Know the carbon output of your vehicles (useful for RFP CO2 emission requirements)

Fleet Inventory Management

Maintain up to date information on your fleet inventory


Make business decisions about your fleet using hard data


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